Sweet Releaf Cannedibles – Products for those who prefer to medicate with edibles

As part of the beginning of the medicinal marijuana movement in California, I am pleased to be able to provide medicinal cannabis edibles to patients through caregiver services.

Unlike most of the generic edibles on the market, at Sweet Releaf, we are developing products that are not only effective and safe, but delicious in texture, and flavors.

In the past 6 months, I have been working together with fellow patients experimenting to find some of the best combinations for creating edibles for patients.

Several products were created and sampled by fellow patients, and I was extremely happy with the overall results of our trials.  Daily I am still thinking of different ways of bringing edibles to caregivers that stand out from the normal group of generic types of edibles.

With more and more dispensaries under fire, the need for delivery service is seen to be more in demand as governmental agencies continue to infringe on safe and fair access to medicine.  Delivery service has been shown to be a good alternative to the continued harassment being given to caregiver collectives, and dispensaries overall in California after the California Supreme Court ruling on County and local City rights to refusal of access.

As a foresight, we are able to provide our line of edibles to caregivers as a method of providing access while local government continues to try to prevent it.  Since it’s legal to provide caregiver services to qualified patients, it’s a welcoming option for patients who don’t want to travel long distances to get their medicine.

We also know of reputable dispensaries that provide discrete delivery services that provide additional medicinal choices outside our product line for flowers, oil, and other medicinals.  As this site grows, additional information will be provided as to resources to ensure fair and reasonable access to medicine for California patients residing in the greater San Jose/Santa Clara County areas through delivery service.

We urge those in government, to take a realistic look at the overall picture of the real benefit of dispensaries in their city, and the real results in care given by them to patients who suffer.


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