Edibles are the best method of medicating

Although my illness is not a serious one.  I deal with pain, and other conditions in my daily life.

For a long time, I have smoked cannibas in order to alleviate pain from an injury when in the military back in the 1970’s.

In the 7 months, I have done a switch from smoking as a regiment, to switching to oil and edibles.  It was strange, but intriguing.  After switching to ingesting by mouth medication, my life has been changing.

I’ve read studies where patients who were on a regiment showed weight loss, while still maintaining a reasonable caloric intake.  A year ago, I was 220lbs.  I am now 175lbs.  I eat normal, yet I keep the weight off, and I feel younger in energy levels.  Now I’m no research specialist, but my overall health has improved, and I feel somewhat younger in stamina.

I agree with others, that edibles aren’t for everyone.  But for regular regimental users of cannabis, it’s a nice alternative.  I find by taking a 4 dose (100mg) sativa edible in the morning, I maintain pain relief for close to the whole day.  I then take a 4 dose (100mg) edible after dinner, and it continues to maintain the relief.  Since I don’t like to overdo it, I deal with the short period late in the day that I don’t have full relief for my pain, but then again I only have to maintain a 200mg dose per day.

When I’m having trouble with sleep, I smoke a single hit of Indica an hour before bed, and take 25mg- 50mg of capsules (2) right at bedtime.  My results were that I slept soundly, and had a full nights sleep.  I didn’t feel all hungover or anything like that in the morning.  I was actually refreshed, because I hadn’t gotten the first decent nights sleep in a long time.

From what I’ve read in a lot of studies, ingesting cannabis by mouth has better overall health results than just smoking.  A lot of researchers aren’t 100% sure of why yet, but the studies seem to be bring further positive results of cannabis oil in capsules, and other edible forms of desserts, etc.

I think it’s important to note though, that if your truly using cannabis as a medication for a specific disorder, that you get the right strain that works for your disorder.  Just buying anything without the right knowledge isn’t going to give you the accuracy to best remedy your particular situation.

There are some good guides (google them) Strain guides, that point you to what strains are good for particular illness.

I can summarize in saying that edibles have changed my whole way of life, and application of my personal medicinal program.


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